I read the Twilight series back in the day, and it was a fun Twinkie read. A friend loaned me the whole series called "The Vampire Diaries" and I read those over a holiday weekend. Those were fun too. My first love in reading entertainment was the Regency Romance. After many years and many hundreds of such books, I decided to write one. And another. And start a few more. I even submitted a couple for publication, but they never took.

A few years later I'm reading these paranormal books, and vampire books, and enjoying them, but never felt compelled to write anything in the genre. Then I read three series in particular that I'm not afraid to mention.

The Cornerstone series by Misty Provencher (you can find her on facebook and Amazon Kindle store)
The Captured series by Erica Stevens
Word and Breath by Susannah Noel

These books by independent authors were life-changing, in a way. The stories were compelling, the characters true-to-life (other than certain paranormal elements of course!) and the authors weren't afraid to get their stories out there. One of the series contained quite a few spelling errors and/or typos, but the story was so driven that I chose to ignore the foibles. And that was when I realized that I had a desire to write a book in the paranormal genre. All I needed was a good idea!

December 2012, the idea came like a lightning bolt.

So here I am, in the very exciting phase of creation and production. It's fun and frightening at the same time.